Media Planning Tool

Building a better media targeting tool to maximize performance.


We were focused on making it easy for our business team to provide media solutions for our client’s goals.

By surfacing insights and performance metrics at a granular level, we built a powerful tool that extended the benefits to our clients.


Native Ad Tech

My Role

Advertisers and media agencies have budgets, target audiences and objectives for every campaign they run. Crafting a media solution (a.k.a deals) to meet these requirements have long been a pain point for our business team.

I lead the UX effort to redesign a media planning tool that’ll empower our business team to provide better media solutions.

Some Context

Sellers spend the majority of their time prospecting and drafting or responding to RFPs (request for proposal). Their objective is to quickly negotiate and close deals by proving the value of native ads with our inventory of premium publishers.

Bandaid Solution

Sellers submitted ASK tickets and a dedicated team of three media admins would respond with availability information, a site list and deal ID. Turnaround time was around 24hrs.

Only media admins had access to the Deals page, which was limited to filtering deals and sites by category. It offered little insight into performance and lacked flexibility in creating a site list.

Our Goal

Reduce the number of ZenDesk tickets related to general inventory and deal creation. Increase in number of overall (self and managed) campaigns that use Deals.