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Empowering authors for self publishing


Along with another designer and product team of four engineers and a PM, we helped NOOK Press provide authors a platform for self publishing professional quality books.


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NOOK Press wanted to provide authors the whole package for self publishing. This meant not only for e-Books, but also instore and online book printing that was easy and intuitive.

The process to get a book published was difficult for aspiring authors and current services were clunky and cumbersome for less tech savvy users. NOOK wanted to improve this and integrate a seamless integration of online and in-store services to extend the convenience for their customers.


We began generative research to gain a better understanding of how authors were getting their book published, their motivations, challenges, what softwares were used and whether it met their expectations. We used this insight to help in writing user scenarios that guided our sketches and wireframe workflows.

A few rounds of user testing followed before we moved to visual designs. We then worked with engineers to create a live style guide.

affinity diagram

Visual Designs

A linear workflow with big and bold elements was designed to walk users through the process of building their books and getting a quick price quote.

building book building book building book
book quote book quote