Native Ad Generator

Designed to make creating native ads easy. Build, preview, share different ad formats in minutes.


The team and I iteratively simplified the user experience while extending the tool from internal to external focusing on core use cases, interactions and speed for creating a native ad.

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Native Ad Tech

My Role

Our team inherited this tool which was originally created for sellers to use as part of their pitch during meetings. Its purpose was to showcase how easy and quickly you can create a native ad that fits seamlessly within a site.

I was tasked with improving the experience as we added more functionality and extended the value outside of our internal teams. I led the efforts in researching, usability testing, designing, conceptualizing new features and working with PMs and engineers to include key updates into our roadmaps.

Previous UI


Updated UI

⭐ Updated Homescreen ⭐
Select Ad Type
⭐ Updated Select Ad Type ⭐
Create Display Ad
⭐ Updated Create Display Ad ⭐
View Ad Info
⭐ Updated View Ad Info ⭐

Creating a native ad is easy